The issue

After Activa were invited to a consultative meeting with Camira it became obvious that one of their primary issues that needed resolution was their driver policy documents. It had become apparent to both parties that this had been neglected and was in need of urgent modernisation. Activa offered to re-write their policy with greater emphasis on road risk management.

As it stood Camira did not have a policy in place to determine accidental damage as well as no strategy to re-train and advise drivers who had repeatedly damaged vehicles. Up until this point Driving Licences had been checked visually and it was apparent that this was an archaic method as well as impractical and time consuming.

The resolution

Activa sought to resolve this by first introducing Camira to the AA, who have developed a process that is designed to improve driver behaviour and ultimately drive down excess expense. The AA's Drivetech is designed to make sure that every driver completes an online mandate for license checking which includes and online assessment.

This enabled Camira to test their driver’s ability at driving awareness as well as hazard perception and went on to score them on a risk index. Activa were also able to rewrite their driver policy handbook to include these requirements which was subsequently sent to all drivers so that they were able to acknowledge and sign.

Additionally, short driver seminars were delivered during monthly sales meetings. These included information on the new driver policy, including aspects such as encouraging drivers to look after their company vehicles, fuel saving ideas, safe driving tips and techniques.

All drivers were issued with a driver handbook with a policy disclaimer, it also contained a license checking mandate and complete risk assessment which was issued by their Director of Finance. All of Camira's drivers were required to sign each document and they were to be kept on the employees file and include subsequent results of online checks and online assessment.

The impact

Camira Fabrics now have formal policies in place to cater for 'own fault' accidental damage, they also have permission to check licences online and a robust driver's policy is now in place to ensure their drivers are driving safely and economically.

As a result of the changes that Activa have introduced Camira's Director of Finance is now free to spend more time dealing with core business issues. The online assessments are now undertaken by each driver at their work stations and the results are sent directly to the company to action accordingly. Thanks to a change in outlook which has been fostered by Activa, Camira are able to gain a clear picture of their fleet as well as their drivers. This process now saves them time and money and has enlightened them to the potential hidden costs of running a fleet of vehicles.

Activa has re-written our driver policy with greater emphasis on road risk management. We now have formal policies in place to cater for driver licence checking and online driver risk assessments.

Anthony Croall Director of Finance at Camira

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