The issue

Toyota Material Handling UK (TMH) had been growing increasingly disillusioned with their ever expanding fleet and felt that it was becoming a large administration burden that was spiralling out of control. This was in part due to the increasing number of accidents and other vehicle incidents which were forcing their insurance premiums up each year. Vehicle claims were taking an inordinate amount of time to process resulting in excessive and unacceptable levels of vehicle downtime. Vehicle repairs would also take many months to resolve causing escalating costs especially when it came to providing the employee with a temporary rental vehicle.

The resolution

Following a period of extensive discussions with TMH, Activa were formally invited to tender for the provision of Accident Management services. After a long and thorough tender process, TMH felt that Activa were best equipped to provide a proactive and proven accident management service in conjunction with their partners at the AA.

The impact

The implementation of the accident management service was justified within the first 12 months. Indeed, not only were TMH delighted to see their average cost of repair reduce by 14 %, they also decreased vehicle downtime substantially. TMH were able to show their hire car cost for non-third party accidents had fallen by 50%, as well as being able to show that cases are now resolved in weeks or days rather than the months at a time that had previously been endemic.

Activa is very helpful and responsive and I know that if an urgent issue arises it will get sorted without fuss and when I need information it will be supplied quickly and accurately. Our policy requires Activa to compete on an ongoing basis with our other suppliers and the fact that their vehicles now make up such a substantial part of our fleet demonstrates how successful they have been.

Jan Henry Fleet Controller at Toyota Material Handling UK Limited

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