The issue

WYG raised concerns regarding end of contract re-charges from their incumbent supplier as they believed they were being over-charged for damage where they deemed the charges should have been considerably less.

The resolution

Activa arranged for the outgoing vehicles to be collected by our logistics service team at the point of delivering the new vehicles. The vehicles were taken to our storage department for examination and all damage was itemised and priced for repair. The incumbent supplier was then contacted to arrange collection of their vehicles. Minor repairs were carried out where appropriate prior to the collection by the incumbent.

The impact

This service allowed WYG to make comparisons between suppliers for major damage repairs and did indeed highlight discrepancies in the charging structures. Moving forward this has provided reasonable evidence for WYG to contest charges from their incumbent supplier by utilising Activa's independent logistics team.

By demonstrating Activa's approach to end of contract charges, this has also enable WYG to have the confidence and trust in our transparent reporting at the end of the current replacement Activa fleet in a few years' down the line.

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