12 June 2024

Are driving misdemeanors becoming more common on UK roads?

Tailgating and middle lane hogging are on the rise, with 55% and 52% of drivers, respectively, reporting an increase in these behaviors according to new research. A poll of over 12,700 drivers, commissioned by AA Accident Assist, also revealed that 53% of drivers believe speeding is becoming more problematic.

AA Accident Assist reported aiding over 16,000 drivers involved in rear-end crashes in 2023, with around 5,600 drivers helped so far this year alone. Many of these crashes were caused by mobile phone use, or a loss of concentration through tiredness.

In response, the AA is advocating for an increase in road traffic officers to enhance driving standards on UK roads. The presence of more traffic officers could curb bad driving practices in real-time and serve as a deterrent through increased visibility.

Currently, some drivers are too quick to engage in risky behaviors, such as using hand-held mobile phones, due to the low likelihood of being caught. Although the UK Government has recently been installing more AI driven camera systems, able to catch users using phones or other devices. To ensure responsible driving, a more visible police presence will lower the number of those willing to misbehave.

Especially as a forecasted ‘wet’ summer approaches, drivers are encouraged to maintain more space between their vehicles and others. Creating at least a two-second gap helping prevent crashes and reduce incidents of road rage.

Fleet managers can boost safe driver behavior with the introduction of telematics systems, which not only monitor driver behavior, but can act as deterrents to risky driving practices.