Contract hire

Contract hire provides you with a flexible, cost-effective fleet funding method

What is contract hire?

Contract hire is a preferred option for funding business fleets. You pay a fixed rental cost each month based on the chosen vehicle, its estimated mileage, and chosen hire period. Normally contracts run for three to four years, after which time the vehicle is returned to Activa.

Benefits of contract hire

Predictable, fixed monthly costs

There are no hidden charges with Activa's contract hire provision. Your rental, SMR (service, maintenance and repair) costs, VED, and insurance are all combined into one single monthly fee. Get a quote here.

Minimised risk

As we remain the asset owner, we take the hit for any unexpected maintenance charges and unpredictable residual values.

Optimum financial efficiency

Benefit from off-balance-sheet funding, marginal operational expenses, VAT benefit passed from Activa, and rentals allowable against tax.

Reduced administration

Contract hire simplifies the acquisition and disposal of vehicles for your fleet. Combined with our fleet management service, you can substantially reduce your administrative workload!

Ongoing contract revisions

Our proactive account management means you can ensure your monthly rentals reflect actual vehicle usage.

Secure funding and competitive rates

As part of Europe's largest privately owned motor group, Arnold Clark, we are able to leverage our purchasing power to offer competitive contract hire rates and secure funding.

Common sense approach to end of contract

We do not profit from our defleet recharges. Read more about our unique, common sense approach to end-of-contract fair wear and tear here.

Sale and leaseback

If you have already purchased your fleet of vehicles but are looking to release some funds back into your business, sale and leaseback can help. It allows us to buy the vehicles from you and lease them back to you at a cost that fits your budget.

Sale and leaseback
Daily rental

Daily rental is a perfect solution while you’re waiting for contact hire vehicles to be delivered or to use as a stopgap during staff probationary periods.

Daily rental
How would it work for you?

We can help improve the operation of your fleet and reduce your operating costs, allowing you more time to focus on your business.

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A personalised solution

Activa recognises that different businesses have different needs and accordingly we personalise our contracts to match the needs of each client.

Ultimately, if you're searching for a low-risk, budgeted fleet funding option that provides you with a reliable fleet, you're in the right place!

Contact our expert team here or on 01908 288400 to get a full breakdown of your vehicle leasing options. We will provide you with a comprehensive proposal allowing you to make an informed decision about your vehicle acquisition method.