The Activa Telematics Solution

A full suite of solutions that will help reduce costs, reduce emissions, improve safety and increase efficiency.

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Radius telematics software

In partnership with Radius

We have partnered with Radius to offer innovative telematics solutions, empowering clients with vehicle control, valuable insights to cut expenses, and improved driver safety and vehicle security.

Radius have been providing vehicle and asset tracking as well as vehicle camera solutions since 2015, with customers now in 36 countries worldwide. With over 600,000 live tracking units across five continents, they help customers manage their fleets more efficiently and safely, positively impacting daily operations and ensuring long-term success.

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Monitor the location of your vehicles with vehicle tracking

The Radius vehicle tracking system is designed to optimise efficiency and convenience, enabling businesses to manage their fleet operations more effectively. By keeping track of the location of their vehicles, companies can make informed decisions that improve operational efficiency while guarding against vehicle abuse or theft.

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Complete solution to see all your vehicles in one place

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Real-time GPS tracking to gain visibility over your vehicles.

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Replay the journeys of
your vehicles.

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Activate speed alerts, monitor driver performance and encourage safer driver behaviour.

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Define geofences and set up location alerts.

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Create customised reports or choose from standard reports.

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Fuel card integration to get information on vehicle consumption, efficiency and distance.

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GPS plus engine-linked tracking with live odometer and fuel level readings.

Ensure the safety of your drivers and vehicles with vehicle camera solutions

By introducing vehicle camera solutions to your fleet, you can significantly decrease the risk of accidents, safeguard your drivers, and promote safe operations. By combining vehicle location and speed data with real-world footage, you can quickly identify the cause of an incident.

Our system is designed to make retrieving and downloading high-definition video footage easy, giving businesses peace of mind and enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the telematics system work?

A telematics device will need to be installed in your vehicle, and this then sends information to the online portal to measure location, speed, driving style, fuel consumption, and more.

What is the process of installing a telematics device?

Radius offers several different vehicle and camera devices; some of these can be installed by yourself, but some will need to be installed by a professional. Our expert team will advise on which method is best for the product you choose, and full support will be provided.

Is the software easy to access?

Once you complete the registration process, we will send you an activation link. This link will enable you to access the software from both desktop and mobile devices. You can download the application directly from the App Store or Google Play.

I need help with the software. How can I get it?

Our team will be available to answer your questions. We will also provide online resources to guide you through the software.