Consultancy services

At Activa, we really know the fleet industry. For decades, we’ve been leading the way in specialist contract hire and vehicle leasing. We understand that no two businesses are the same; that’s why we take a tailored approach to finding the right vehicle solutions for you.

Our friendly and accessible team of people has a wealth of knowledge in the vehicle leasing industry and will use their years of experience to give you:

  • A free fleet policy audit on your company vehicles
  • A bespoke review of your company fleet, allowing you to get the best from your company vehicles
  • A free consultation with one of our account managers, to review your company car policy and help improve recruitment and retention

How could it work for you?

Our expert team will carry out a complete study of your vehicle leasing requirements and provide you with a full analysis, allowing you to make an informed decision and pick the best option.

Through our sophisticated Whole Life Cost (WLC) model we assess the impact on all of the relevant costs and business factors involved in the running of a vehicle fleet, from irrecoverable VAT to fuel reimbursement. This allows us to present you with an accurate picture of the whole of life cost to operate each leased vehicle in accordance with your specific terms and conditions.