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Man holding a car key Man holding a car key

With our new salary sacrifice car scheme, your staff can select a brand-new car from a range of manufacturers, with full vehicle maintenance included.

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How does it work?

Employees receive a company car that is leased by the employer for 2 to 3 years. They pay for this by sacrificing part of their gross salary every month, which leads to savings in income tax and national insurance. It also means that they are subject to Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax.

When it comes to zero or low-emission cars, Salary Sacrifice can result in huge savings for both the employee and employer.

What’s more, we’ll be there every step of the way – our car scheme is fully managed at every stage by our talented and friendly team of account managers.

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Benefits for your business

Salary Sacrifice allows you to:

  • Lower NI costs
  • Improved staff recruitment
  • Boost productivity and commitment
  • Retain experienced members of staff easier
  • Encourage electric cars
  • Encourage company cars
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Lower motor insurance costs
Man holding a car key Man holding a car key

Payslip example

Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

  • Without Salary Sacrifice

    Payments Amount
    Basic Pay £3,333.00

    Total Payments £3,333.00
    Income Tax -£457.00
    National Insurance -£304.00

    Total Deductions -£761.00
    Net Pay £2,572.00
  • With Salary Sacrifice

    Payments Amount
    Basic Pay £3,333.00
    Salary Sacrifice -£416.66
    Total Payments £2,916.34
    Income Tax -£374.00
    National Insurance -£254.00
    Benefit in Kind -£21.32
    Total Deductions -£649.32
    Net Pay £2,267.02
    Red car
Red car

Who might be suitable for Salary Sacrifice?

There are three key groups we believe would benefit the most:

Current cash allowance drivers

Cash allowance drivers fall under grey fleet, meaning they have to deal with personal contracts and self-inuring, Salary Sacrifice encourages these drivers to return to the company car. This reduces the administrative and duty of care responsibilities that come with monitoring grey fleet vehicles for employers and employees alike.

Staff rewards

As an employer, Salary Sacrifice is a great way to enhance existing reward packages for all staff. Since the scheme can be extended to all employees, it can be used to boost morale, help recruitment and staff retention.

Company car drivers

Employees who are eligible for a company car will generally find that they are financially better off sticking with the company car plan, but this may not be true in every case.

Are you an employee and want to find out how Salary Sacrifice affects you?

Arnold Clark Salary Sacrifice allows you to drive away in a brand-new car leased by your employer for two to three years by exchanging part of your gross salary every month.

Benefits for employees:
  • Low deposit payment of just one month
  • No credit checking
  • Lower cost motoring
  • Servicing, maintenance and tyres included
  • Motor insurance included
  • A fantastic range of cars to choose from in one convenient place
  • Ability to change your car every two or three years
  • Expert support from a name you can trust
  • A cost-effective route to an electric car