Our people

You'll find many friendly faces throughout our dedicated workforce; from our accessible and driven directors, through to our friendly and committed sales and internal support teams.

The Activa team is dedicated to providing the best service within the industry, enabling us to achieve consistent high levels of client satisfaction and retention.


Senior management

Sales team

Sales Resources

  • Rosie Wells
  • Catherine March
  • Martha Aaron

LCV team

  • Paul Newland


  • Robert Smout

Daily rental

  • Charlene Hall
  • Tracie Saxton
  • Amy Hemsley


  • Linda Harnett
  • Joanna Davies
  • Emma Saunders-Fern

Business development

  • Josephine Smeraglia


  • John Guess
  • Andy Raven
  • Kevin Howlett
  • Jon Pettman


  • Julie Churcher


  • Warren Forster

Customer services

Help desk

  • Ark Kubok
  • Simon Irish
  • Eidan Howells
Red team

  • Samantha Spinks
  • David Osae
  • Sanal Nuurdin
Blue team

  • Julie Page
  • Carlos Fernandes
  • Samya Masood