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Activa Affinity Cars

Personal car leasing for your employees

Get more with the Affinity Cars plan, which makes it possible for everyone to lease a new car.

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What is Activa Affinity?

Spread the good feeling of getting a new car among your staff with Affinity Cars. Affinity Cars is an Activa car plan which allows your staff to access market-leading lease deals. The plan offers flexible instalment options and a wide range of brand-new vehicles to choose from. The best part is, it won’t cost your business a penny.

Why choose Affinity Cars?

Affinity Cars makes it easier for your employees to find their perfect new car. As this plan deals directly with your employees, there’s no risk to your business. Staff can work with dedicated account management and customer support teams in order to secure a deal that’s right for them.

Affinity Cars is easy for you

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Staff motivation & retention

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No cost to
your business

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No admin burden

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Easy to implement

A woman smiling driving a car
A woman smiling driving a car

Great for your employees

  • Personalised car plans, tailored to their budget
  • An unrivalled range of new cars
  • Free delivery anywhere in the UK mainland
  • Collection at the end of the lease
  • A dedicated support team on hand to help

How it works

Has your employer already signed up? Click here to get started.

Frequently asked questions:

How easy is it to implement Affinity Cars?

We deal directly with your employees, there’s no cost involved and it won’t take up much of your time!

One of our dedicated account managers will meet with you to discuss how you’d like to communicate about Affinity Cars with your employees

From there, if you decide you’d like to sign up – we’ll assign a unique Affinity code to your business, which employees use to register.

What support is in place?

We have a dedicated customer services team as well as a 24-hour emergency assistance helpline for drivers. We don’t use call centres or automated voice systems and have a clear complaints process.

What cars are available via Affinity Cars?

We offer the largest selection of new cars you’ll find anywhere in the UK, from a wide range of manufacturers. They’re delivered free of charge, directly to the employee, whether they’re at home or at work.

Can employees keep their car if they leave the company?

Yes. Affinity Cars is a personal car lease that is a personal agreement between us and the employee. As a result, if they leave the company, it won’t affect the car agreement.

What is the eligibility criteria for the Affinity car plan?

Applicants must be a UK resident and over the age of 18. The car is hired on a personal lease agreement between Activa and the employee.

Can employees use the car for business journeys?

If an employee were to use the car for business purposes, they would need appropriate motor insurance.