Fuel policy analysis

Did you know that fuel represents the second highest cost when running vehicles?

Activa can utilise a fuel policy analysis tool to undertake a full audit of your current fuel reimbursement arrangements. We will focus on drivers' individual circumstances surrounding business and private mileage and make recommendations regarding controls, processes, and policy changes to substantially reduce your expenditure on fuel.

Benefits of fuel policy analysis

  • Substantially reduce your company's fuel spend
  • Gain control over the fuel policy
  • Reduce the cost of private mileage
  • Reduce administrative burden

Activa's partnership with euroShell allows us to provide fleets with one of the leading fuel card solutions on the market.

Benefits of the euroShell fuel card management

A single, weekly fuel rate

A single, weekly fuel rate is provided by Shell and is applied to 4,100 sites across the entire country (50% of the UK's entire network.)

No transaction fees

Unlike most of their competitors, euroShell will not charge you transaction fees for use of their cards.

Reduced fuel expenditure

Reports and analysed fuel data is provided to highlight where further savings can be made.

Contact us here or on 01908 288400 to speak to one of our team about our fuel policy analysis or the euroShell card.


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