4 July 2022

As wholesale fuel costs decrease, pump prices continue to rise

The cost of fuel has continued to rise throughout the year with record pump prices reaching nearly two pounds a litre. With unleaded reaching a high of 191.95p and diesel averaging a staggering 199.09p.

The Government announced in June that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had been asked to investigate fuel retailers in an attempt to understand why the 5p duty cut hasn’t been noticed at the pump itself.

With more vans and trucks on the road than ever, what can fleet managers do to control these seemingly never-ending cost increases? Activa provides a range of products for businesses looking to cut costs down and create a more efficient fleet.

Many fleets may be using fuel cards, which provide a discount over a period of time. Others can look for available telematics systems to enable fleet managers to track vehicle routes and provide insight as to where fleets could save money.

Another option for Fleet managers is to investigate electrifying their fleets, with an obvious initial cost, the savings over time could prove beneficial.

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