7 November 2013

Avoid Tyre Conviction Fines and Penalty Points

Data from the Ministry of Justice confirms that 8,919 motorists were convicted for having defective tyres last year.

Legally, up to three penalty points and a £1,000 fine can be levied for every defective tyre reported.

Checks carried out many times in the past, particularly during Tyre Safety Month, have revealed that company car drivers are just as neglectful as private motorists when it comes to getting tyres changed before they reach the legal tread depth limit. In the main, those managing fleets rely on drivers to report that tyres are getting towards the limit of their useful life but some ignore this, thinking it is somebody else's responsibility to take action.

Although the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm across three quarters of the tyre width, in the interests of safety for all road users, Activa’s policy is for tyres to be replaced when they are down to 2.0mm. This is particularly relevant during the winter months in the UK when roads become slippery due to rain, ice and wet leaves.

This is an excellent time to remind your drivers that it is their responsibility to ensure the tyres on their company vehicle are safe and legal. Activa has accounts with all of the major high street tyre suppliers and, if in doubt, the best advice is to take the car to a local supplier and have them inspected and changed if necessary.