16 June 2015

Businesses no longer required to pre-pay congestion charge

From this month, June 2015, businesses enrolled on the London congestion charge Fleet Auto Pay scheme will benefit from reduced administration and enhanced cash flow.

The changes, implemented by Transport for London (TfL), mean that companies will no longer have to pay in advance for estimated use of the zone.

The 9,000 businesses which are currently registered on the scheme will now pay monthly in arrears for actual usage accrued each period, by direct debit. It is predicted by TfL that this change will speed up the registration process and simplify budgeting for congestion charges.

Fleet Auto Pay is currently available to businesses with six or more vehicles. Those registered will benefit from a £1 saving on the daily congestion charge per vehicle, however there is a £10 annual fee for every car or van disclosed. 

For more information on the changes to the Fleet Auto Pay scheme please visit the TfL website here, or if you require any other advice on how you can reduce fleet expenses, just get in touch on 01908 288400.