13 April 2022

Charging infrastructure boosted as prices rise

As Electric Vehicles (EV) become more and more prevalent within fleets, the charging infrastructure is having to follow suit to keep up with demand. More than 400 new rapid and ultra-rapid chargers (100+kW) have been added to the UK’s network in the first quarter of 2022.

The number of charge points has risen by 7% so far, this year bringing the total to 30,409 of which 5,500 are rapid or ultra-rapid. While these chargers make up for a small percentage of charge points, they do in fact account for 60% of the available power capacity.

Adding to this, slower rate chargers ranging from 3-22kW, have increased by over 7% during 2022. Typically installed at homes and overnight charging spots, giving drivers opportunity to ‘top up.’

The cost of public charging is increasing due to rising energy prices. As of March, charging using an ultra-rapid charger costs the driver 44p per kWh and based on average EV efficiency, this works out at 13p per mile.

Nevertheless, based on current fuel pricing with petrol costing an average of £1.63 per litre and diesel costing £1.77, an internal combustion engine vehicle which would be around 20p per mile. Fleets are advised to ensure drivers are aware of where charging facilities are and what rates drivers will be paying.