5 February 2024

Department of Transport survey reveals opinion on electric vehicles and charging infrastructure

New government research sheds light on public perceptions of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure.

The findings indicate a divided view on the demand for infrastructure, with 27% of respondents asserting that 'most' public charge points experience 'long queues,' marking an increase from 18% in 2022. However, an almost equal proportion (26%) expressed the opposite sentiment, revealing a contrasting perspective.

Notably, age plays a role in these perceptions, with 31% of individuals aged 16 to 39 believing in long queues at public charge points, in contrast to 19% of those aged 60 to 69. Despite occasional concerns about public charging accessibility, the reality is that the majority of EV drivers primarily charge their vehicles overnight at home, minimising encounters with long queues on the public network.

Interestingly, negative perceptions regarding public charging do not seem to significantly impact consumers' purchasing intentions. Among those acknowledging long queues at public charge points, 46% express a likelihood of choosing an ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) for their next car purchase and among those not seeing long queues, 55% still indicate a likelihood of opting for a ULEV in their next purchase.

The survey also uncovered disparities in knowledge about EVs, with 45% of respondents admitting to having low to no knowledge, while 37% considered their knowledge to be high.

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