8 October 2019

Don't ignore your tyres - stay safe and check 'at least monthly'

Drivers are being urged to check vehicle tyres at least every month with poorly maintained ordefective tyres reducing safety and increasing fuel consumption.

Drivers are being urged to check vehicle tyres at least every month with poorly maintained or defective tyres reducing safety and increasing fuel consumption.

That was the message from TyreSafe, the UK's charity dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of correct tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective and illegal tyres, as it launched this year's Tyre Safety Month.

Tyre Safety Month is held each October and the 2019 message to drivers is 'Look Who's Talking', check your tyre pressures, condition and tread and help avoid a tyre-related incident when out on Britain's roads.

The campaign aims to address the issue of more than half of Britain's motorists driving on poorly maintained or defective tyres. In doing so, they are increasing fuel consumption, tyre wear and the risk of an incident on the road, according to the charity.

That results in the UK's drivers wasting at least £600 million annually on fuel, while nearly 170 are killed or seriously injured in tyre-related road crashes. What's more, the average number of casualties has been consistently higher than those caused by mobile phone use while driving over the past five years, according to TyreSafe.

Driving without the correct amount of air in tyres makes a vehicle more difficult to control and reduces the amount of grip it has on the road. It also increases fuel bills, tyre wear and the risk of being involved in an incident.

Lumps, bumps, cracks and cuts are a sign a tyre may be dangerous and need replacing. All tyres should have a tread depth above the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm to ensure the tyre remains in contact with the road, particularly in the wet. More than 27% of tyres are already illegal when they are replaced and more than 70% of tyres, while not illegal, are below 2mm when replaced.

TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson said: "'Look Who's Talking' and the supporting strapline 'Don't Ignore Your Tyres' highlight the core challenge that needs to be overcome to reduce the number of tyre-related incidents - behaviour change among motorists. While it might sound like an elementary campaign title, feedback from our partners, in conjunction with what TyreSafe team members also witness first-hand, underlines there is still a need for basic education of a significant proportion of drivers.

"There may be a section who consciously choose to ignore road safety messages but there is good reason to believe a far larger number would act on the advice if they were made aware of it. We encourage all motorists to support Tyre Safety Month and increase awareness of tyre safety in Britain."

Top tyre safety check tips for motorists

  • Air pressure: Vehicle manufacturers provides at least two air pressure recommendations - one for light loads and another when fully loaded. Use an accurate pressure gauge to ensure a vehicle's tyres are at the correct settings
  • Condition: Every tyre should be free of cuts, lumps or bulges. If spotting anything unexpected, have it inspected by a professional
  • Tread depth: In Britain, the legal limit for a car tyre's tread depth is 1.6mm. Adequate tread helps keep a tyre in contact with the road, especially in the wet, and reduces the chances of aquaplaning.

Further information is available at: www.tyresafe.org