13 January 2022

Driverless car trial begins in Milton Keynes this month

In a first for British roads, remote controlled, driverless vehicles are hitting the streets of Activa’s home town HQ od Milton Keynes later this month. Available as an on-demand, car-hailing service, the trial is being run by start-up British tech company Imperium Drive, backed by the UK Government.

With the aim of transitioning to fully autonomous vehicles within five years, the trial in Milton Keynes is beginning within days, and will allow users to hail a vehicle in the same way as a traditional taxi, but without a driver of the vehicle.

The technology is aimed at transforming the short-term fleet rental sector, allowing operators to relocate cars quickly during rush hour, and should also allow operators to widen their operational areas, for instance between cities, without being hampered by drivers’ geographical preferences.

As these cars will be in operation around the Activa offices, we will be watching the progress with interest, and will be keen to hear the thoughts of both users, and our fleet customers about the potential future use of this technology.

To find out more visit: fleetworld.co.uk/driverless-car-hailing-trial-goes-live-in-milton-keynes/