8 January 2024

Driverless cars will be hitting the UK’s roads within two years

The UK’s transport secretary announced that the Government plans to legislate for autonomous vehicles becoming legal on the UK’s roads by the end of 2026.

With this legislation currently going through parliament, it is likely that it will be passed by the end of 2024, in order for autonomous vehicles to legal by the time they begin to become a feature on the UK’s roads, which is expected to occur in 2026.

The introduction of autonomous vehicles on the UK’s roads is expected to bring with it an improvement to road safety for all road users, from pedestrians and cyclists to drivers and passengers. With 88% of road traffic collisions caused by driver error, it is foreseen that autonomous vehicles will result in lower levels of injury and death, saving up to 3,900 lives and avoiding up to 60,000 accidents.

A recent poll of the UK’s drivers suggested that self-driving vehicles are welcomed by motorists, in particular by business drivers who cover a lot of A road or motorway miles, with autonomous vehicles taking much of the strain away on such journeys.

This technology will remain optional for the driver, so anyone wishing to remain in full control of their vehicles will be able to do so.