6 October 2020

Drivers are most likely to speed in 30mph zones, says Department for Transport

The majority of car drivers exceed 30mph speed limits, according to new figures revealed by the Department for Transport. This speeding occurs more in 30mph limit zones than any other. On motorways, just 9% break the law on 60mph single carriageways.

Based on records gathered during 2019, the Department for Transport said a fifth of cars exceeded 30mph limits by more than 5mph, while 6% were recorded doing at least 40mph. However, the average speed driven in the zones was 31mph.


86% of cars were found to exceed 20mph limits; however, the Department for Transport said this figure should be 'interpreted with additional caution'. This is because many 20mph roads in quieter, residential areas have traffic calming measures, making them unsuitable for the research.


This research comes as one in three towns are reported to be switching to a 20mph speed limit as councils are favouring slower zones for residential areas. This is due to the perception that it will make routes safer, according to recent reports.


The data also shows that in England and Wales, there is an 88% conviction rate (175,000 motorists were found guilty) for speed offences.