21 September 2023

Electrification changing perception of brand loyalty for fleet drivers

As the transition to electric vehicles gains momentum, fleet management companies are seeing a clear shift in the preferences and attitudes of fleet drivers. A study, which surveyed 2,000 UK drivers, highlights how the availability of electric cars is gradually lessening brand loyalty among fleet drivers.

Over half (62%) of respondents expressed a strong desire to drive electric cars, signaling a growing awareness of the benefits they offer. And 32% of those surveyed indicated their willingness to purchase or lease from lesser-known automotive brands if it meant making the switch to electric. This openness reflects a significant departure from the traditional loyalty to specific manufacturers among fleet decision-makers.

Price and value for money emerged as the top priority for fleet drivers, with 36% of respondents emphasizing this aspect. Following closely were reliability (33%) and fuel efficiency (31%). Another huge part of this shift is drivers from a younger generation have different priorities, drivers now are keen for a vehicle to have the latest technology inside, and outside the vehicle. Features like infotainment systems, parking sensors and cameras are some of the most desirable.

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