4 February 2022

EV drivers should take advantage of the home charge point grants before it’s too late

EV drivers who have not already done so should apply for money towards the cost of installing a home charging point before the Government subsidies come to an end on 31st March.

Currently, under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, users can claim up to £350 towards the cost of home charging point installation.

With the deadline looming, many charging installation companies are experiencing a huge rise in demand for fitment slots as buyers look to take advantage of the grants. As a result, many are recommending that buyers book now for installation in March, to avoid missing out.

For those not currently able to install a home charger, the Government’s new requirement for developers to install EV charging in all new homes, supermarkets and office blocks as well as buildings undergoing substantial renovation is sure to offer some hope of easily available charging points.

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