3 February 2023

Fleet apprenticeships to be explored by The Association of Fleet Professionals

The introduction of fleet apprenticeships is being explored by The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) following growing demand from members and throughout the industry.

An apprenticeship would provide a standard which would help young professionals gain access to the industry whilst ensuring formally professionalised roles within each particular sector.

Approval for an official apprenticeship standard requires commitment from several companies that would take on apprentices in order to prove an introduction of such a scheme would be beneficial.

The AFP currently has a fleet academy which provides training to fleet managers as well as awarding various qualifications within the sector, meaning many fleet managers are highly qualified already, however there is currently no clear entry route for those enthusiastic about the fleet industry but without any industry contacts.

With more businesses within the sector growing, a new generation of highly knowledgeable and qualified individuals will be vital to securing its future. Additionally, as fleets continue their electrification journeys, businesses and fleets will benefit immensely from a scheme that would be up to date with government guidelines within the sector.