29 November 2022

One third of local roads in England in need of repair

Following the release of new data from the Department of Transport (DfT), one third of all local roads in England are in need of maintenance and repair.

Roads in England have been put into three categories, red means the road should be considered for maintenance, amber signifies repair work should be carried out soon, and green suggests there is no further work needed.

In the year ending March 2022, 6% of ‘B’ and ‘C’ roads were categorised red, 28% were classed as amber, and 66% were green. Local ‘A’ roads and motorways only account for 9% of the Local Authority managed road network in England.

Due to the condition of local roads, fleet operators have been encouraged to ensure drivers do not neglect vehicle safety by keeping up with regular servicing and have up-to-date breakdown cover.

In conjunction with the possible pay-as-you-drive scheme, the funding generated by diesel, petrol, and electric vehicles would also be used for road maintenance and repair with the additional benefit of bringing lower tax rates on fuel duty for businesses and drivers.