5 September 2022

Only one in twenty drivers would feel safe in a driverless car

A recent survey of 2,000 UK motorists has found that just 6% of UK drivers would feel safe in a fully driverless car. 31% would only trust a driverless car if they could take over the controls.

The survey was completed after the UK Government announced that it would roll out new legislation to allow self-driving cars on the UK’s roads by 2025, alongside £100 million set aside to deliver this target for motorists.

While the Government may have set its sights on a semi-autonomous future for the UK, it seems that the UK’s drivers may have a way to go to catch up. More than a 28% of drivers responded that they think that cars already have too much technology in them and 42% of over 55’s questioned responded that they enjoy driving and do not want a driverless car.

It is hoped that autonomous vehicle technology will go a long way towards improving road safety and minimising accidents in the UK, but from these results it seems that the Government will have to win over the motoring public. Will fleets be early or late adopters of this autonomous technology? Time will tell.

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