5 June 2024

Police soften approach towards fleets advocating for engagement and education

The Metropolitan Police’s Commercial Vehicle Unit (CVU) has partnered with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) to improve relations with fleet operators. This collaboration aims to enhance engagement with commercial fleets through a balanced approach of education, open conversation, and enforcement.

The CVU has integrated insights from the FORS Practitioner ‘Managing Abnormal Indivisible Loads’ training module into its own ‘Toolbox Talks’. The content provided by FORS has proven valuable in understanding the responsibilities of operators. The unit plans to incorporate more FORS material into its training programs.

Staff from the CVU will complete the comprehensive FORS Practitioner program, which includes 10 modules covering various aspects of fleet management.

The Police still aim to maintain a high level of roadside enforcement, however with a focus on education this will become easier. Transport managers' roles extend beyond compliance, and FORS has been instrumental in appreciating the complexities of managing a successful fleet. The adoption of FORS best practices has been a shared goal.

These sessions serve as training platforms and provide opportunities for operators to give feedback. The CVU has received numerous requests from fleet managers for more engagement and training sessions, demonstrating the effectiveness of their approach.

Through its training offerings, FORS provides a comprehensive knowledge base, which has been beneficial for both the CVU and commercial vehicle operators. Aligning with FORS, directly engages with commercial vehicle and fleet operators, ensuring a unified approach to fleet management.