18 March 2015

Pressure for managers as administrative workload rises

Managers across the board have reported an increase in administrative work undertaken in the last year.

In particular, where the fleet is a primary managerial responsibility, 20% reported an increase.

Focus on risk management and environmental initiatives have influenced growth in administrative work for fleet managers, and it is expected to continue to rise year-on-year for those involved with the fleet.

Dealing with the burden of administration can be subsidised with the employment of Activa’s services; allowing managers to continue with the genuine remit of their position. By outsourcing responsibility such as accident and risk management to Activa, we not only take the pressure off fleet managers, but also those working across various business pisions.

For more information about how Activa can assist in reducing your work load, please get in touch with us at Activa on 01908 288400.