10 January 2022

SMMT Figures for 2021 show that the EV revolution is underway

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has released its figures for vehicle registrations in 2021, and they show that the future is almost certainly electric.

Plug-in vehicles (including hybrids) account for a record one-in-six new vehicles, while pure Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) are now one-in-nine. More EVs have been registered in 2021 than were registered in the whole of 2016-2020.

After the billions of pounds invested into EV infrastructure by the Government and UK industry over the last decade, as well as the billions of pounds of investment poured into new EV models by manufacturers, it seems that drivers are now adopting this technology in large numbers.

Within the fleet sector, LCV registrations have bounced back to pre-pandemic levels, and registrations grew by 21.4% in 2021. The fleet sector is also embracing the green future, with BEV LCV registrations soaring by 142.3%, although diesel still remains the most popular fuel for LCVs, outnumbering BEV registrations by a significant margin.

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