FTA Van Excellence

Van Excellence is a scheme designed to recognise excellence in the fleet industry and to improve operational standards across van operators in the UK.

Standards are managed and monitored by the FTA, and at the heart of the scheme is the Van Excellence Code that helps identify minimum best practice and ensures safe operation of van fleets. This code of practice outlines what ‘good’ looks like when it comes to vans

The code covers:

  • Driver licensing and competence checks to ensure all drivers are covered correctly e.g. up to date driving licence and fit to drive checks
  • Checks carried out to assess driver behavior, including observation of speed limits and working hours legislation
  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance checks
  • Checks to ensure the vehicle is up to standard e.g. insurance and taxation
  • Safe working environment e.g. risk analysis and loading requirements are demonstrated
  • Record-keeping and retention for audit purposes

Activa have worked with the FTA to gain accreditation in 2017, using the code of practice to ensure all van fleets supplied and maintained by Activa follow and adhere to the rules of the code.


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