Lightfoot is a unique, real-time verbal coaching technology that helps drivers understand exactly how they need to drive their vehicles to be both safe and efficient. Partnering with Lightfoot means that we can offer customers a unique solution for driver and vehicle tracking.

The many benefits Lightfoot can bring to your business include:


A high-quality surface finish. Crash-tested because your safety takes priority.

  • Sustainable fuel savings of more than 10%
  • Reduce ‘at fault’ accidents up to 50%
  • Immediate return on investment
  • Discounted insurance premiums
  • A duty of care solution
  • Safer and more compliant drivers

Because the system works in-cab, in real time, the driver quickly learns and sustains more efficient – and safer – driving habits much more successfully than with traditional approaches that rely on retrospective data analysis.

At Activa we can arrange all steps, from conception to installation.

Visit Lightfoot for more information.


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