The issue

Blue Chip Customer Engineering pride themselves on over 30 years’ experience providing world class IT support to a wide portfolio of clients across multiple business sectors. To strengthen this, Blue Chip were looking for a fleet provider that also carried these values.

Their commitment to providing such high levels of service combined with technical excellence ensures an extremely high customer retention rate.

The resolution

Blue Chip approached Activa to provide that same standard of service and individuality to mirror their own company, and after working together over the last year we believe that this has been achieved.

Sustainability is one of the key messages that Blue Chip promote as a supplier themselves and continue this ethos throughout the company, which led to the development of a new company car policy promoting the use of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The impact

Activa worked with Blue Chip management to implement and provide the necessary support for such a policy, which has seen 17 out of 22 of new vehicle contracts for full electric and three for hybrid vehicles. With 90% of the Blue Chip fleet using alternative fuels, their change of policy has not only worked but has completely changed the make up of their fleet, proving that company cars can be sustainable.

Blue Chip has further supported this initiative by installing charging points at the each of their offices, which are available for employees and customers.

How would it work for you?

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