The issue

With a limited but growing number of vehicles, CILEx recognised that there was a need to standardise their vehicle offering and ensure that Duty of Care was managed but at the same time, eliminate the administrative burden of managing their vehicles.

The resolution

Having decided that contract hire was the best solution, CILEx concluded that Activa were the most suitable candidates to provide this service. This decision was based upon our ability to deliver consistent service levels and industry expertise.

In order to achieve a totally outsourced solution from day one, Activa purchased the existing fleet of vehicles on a 'Sale and Leaseback' basis. For future vehicle requirements, Activa carried out a Whole Life Cost exercise to offer the best advice regarding vehicle choice and financial impact.

The impact

The 'Sale and Leaseback' arrangement resulted in all drivers gaining the immediate benefit of being able to organise servicing and tyre replacements with ultimate ease. All drivers have access to the Activa Assist 24/7 customer service line without suffering any automation or on-hold irritations.

End of Contract has been a surprisingly good experience, your team support has been excellent, polite, friendly and consistent."

Karl Cerski
Director of Group Services & Chief Financial Officer at CILEx Group

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