The issue

MacIntyre's vehicle needs have always been specialised due to the nature of their charity. Their vehicle requirements can vary considerably from location to location and are dependent upon the needs of the residents within their care. Vehicles can vary from ordinary cars to specialist vehicle conversions which can become costly. Managing a fleet of this size can become difficult as well, especially when there is limited time and resources available, this has been a cause of many cost and taxation issues being overlooked to the detriment of the charity. MacIntyre had become aware of the rising cost of the fleet as well as the difficulties associated with its management and so enlisted the help of an industry specialist (Activa) on a consultative level.

The resolution

Activa set about trying to understand every detail of MacIntyre's fleet as well as the needs and financial issues affecting them. Upon closer inspection Activa were able to advise MacIntyre about how they would be able to reclaim VAT on all of their vehicles. Up until this point, MacIntyre had been unable and unaware of their ability to recover VAT charged on rentals. The consultative efforts provided by Activa illustrated to MacIntyre their ability to not only reclaim any future VAT, but that they were also able to reclaim all historical payments. As part of the service provided, all recovery of the VAT was completed by Activa which allowed MacIntyre to retain full focus on the day to day operation of the charity.

The impact

As a result of Activa's involvement with MacIntyre, it has been possible to reclaim significant amounts of money which has proved invaluable to a non-profit charity with limited funding. The transparency shown by Activa in this initial consultative period has paved the way for the building of a strong and lasting relationship based on trust and openness. Activa's innovative approach to the issues faced by MacIntyre has also led to improvements in the way specialist vehicles are developed. Understanding all the hidden costs within a vehicle fleet is something that Activa can show genuine knowledge in and it is this industry experience that MacIntyre has really benefited from.

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