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The key contacts at VES have many other areas of responsibility and therefore it is important to minimise time involved with the non-core activities of fleet.

However, the previous multi supply arrangement of ‘best deal on the day’ meant that drivers often viewed the car policy as unfair, the administrative day to day involvement was increasing and duty of care and driver compliance was of concern.

By engaging with Activa, on a sole supply basis, VES were able to introduce an array of solutions from a trusted partner who ‘just gets on with it’.

An aspirational, cost effective fleet policy was introduced that is regularly reviewed to ensure inclusion of the latest models and technology.

A driver handbook, licence checks, accident management, MID and TfL management and Lightfoot is in place, as part of a comprehensive duty of care package.

The Activa team and account manager pick up the majority of the day to day whilst always communicating the ‘need to know’. ‘Peace of mind’ has been achieved.

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