Winterbotham Darby

The issue

Fleet was taking up too much time with confusion for the drivers. We had multi-supply, no standard approach and end of contract damage and excess mileage charges were high. In addition accidents and claims were another administrative burden.

The resolution

We partnered with Activa four years ago and I honestly don’t know how we managed our fleet before that. We now have in place a successful fleet policy including electric models, AA accident management, MID management, licence checks, driver training along, a fair and reasonable end of contract process along with regular comprehensive reviews.

The impact

The knowledge of the car industry that all of their staff possess always gives me confidence that I can tell my drivers to contact them direct and discuss the options they want, knowing that the advice given will be accurate and, most importantly, be the most cost efficient for my company.

The personable nature of everyone is testament to the family ethos that Activa base their own culture on and helps embed that when talking to all my staff, whether senior managers or graduates.

They keep me informed in all legislation changes and potential future ones and we work together to build the fleet strategy so that my drivers get the most out of their benefits whilst keeping the costs as low as possible.

I really cannot speak highly enough of the blue team with the way in which they handle my own staff as well as Marcus and Sally who deal with the account overall. They are always on hand to help.

How would it work for you?

We can help improve the operation of your fleet and reduce your operating costs, allowing you more time to focus on your business.

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