4 November 2016

Company car app powered by people

Hassle-free business through digital innovation.

As part of our strategy, we regularly appraise our processes to make sure our customers have the best possible experience. That’s why we’ve introduced our Activa Contracts mobile app.

The app’s purpose is to save our customers time and effort by offering a direct line of communication to us. This allows them to ask any questions they may have regarding a daily rental vehicle or their vehicle coming to the end of its contract.

Whether our customers have concerns with new or to-be-returned vehicles, the app makes it simple for them to tell us about any issues.

For example, if a daily rental vehicle arrives with a minor scuff on the front bumper and you are concerned that this may be an issue on return, the customer can log onto the app, take a photo and upload the image.

It will then be picked up by one of our team, and we will manage the next stages, assessing whether it needs a repair or if it merely needs to be logged against the car. This function can be used again and again with no cost at all to the customer.

Our customers can also be notified immediately of any damage to vehicles that are to be returned and whether that damage falls within company guidelines. This means that they will be prepared for any additional charges that might need to be covered. In addition, the app allows time-stamped photos for accurate referral.

Mark Hastings, HR Systems, Payroll and Fleet Specialist at Mediterranean Shipping Company UK Ltd and one of Activa’s customers, commented: ‘The app is extremely easy to use and saves a lot of time. All of our drivers are now able to use the app, populate information on their company vehicle, take photos of any damage and submit to Activa Contracts direct from the app. That eases the administrative burden significantly.’ Activa’s Sales and Marketing Director Lisa Temperton adds: ‘This simple app offers a true benefit to our customers. It is relied upon more and more to remove the wholly unnecessary and unbudgeted expense of end-of-contract charges.’

The app is available for all new and existing customers and is accessed via a PIN number. It is available on all Apple and Android devices.