25 February 2020

Government launches consultation on plan to end sale of new petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid vehicles

Fleets are being asked by the Government for their views on plans to end the sale of new petrol, diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars and vans from 2035 and potentially earlier.

Two weeks after announcing its intention that only new battery electric and hydrogen vehicles will be on sale in 15 years’ time, and possibly earlier, the Government has launched a public consultation.

The Government wants responses to five key questions:

  • The phase out date, which has been brought forward five years from 2040 and could be earlier if a faster transition appears feasible
  • The definition of what should be phased out
  • Barriers to achieving the above proposals
  • The impact of the ambitions on different sectors of industry and society
  • The measures required by Government and others to achieve an earlier phase out date.

The consultation document makes clear that owners of existing petrol, diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars and vans will still be able to drive them and buy and sell them on the used market.

In announcing the plan, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the measure “demonstrated the UK’s urgent action to reduce emissions” and added that the “Government will continue to work with all sectors of industry to accelerate the rollout of zero emission vehicles”. See story at https://www.activacontracts.co.uk/news/government-brings-forward-petrol-diesel-ban.html

The consultation runs until May 29. The consultation document can be viewed at: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/consulting-on-ending-the-sale-of-new-petrol-diesel-and-hybrid-cars-and-vans