7 November 2013

Benefit in Kind Considerations

It has been announced that the widely criticised changes to the Benefit in Kind (BIK) strategy on low-emission vehicles announced in the 2012 Budget are to be reconsidered for 2013.

The proposed BIK increases due to commence in 2015/16 would mean that zero-emission electric cars would attract a BIK of 13% rather than the current 0%.

Other low emission vehicles with emissions between 1-94g/km would also see a rise in BIK levels in a move which received a frosty reception in fleet and leasing quarters.

Its comes as no surprise then to hear in the Autumn Statement that “The Government will consider the case for providing time-limited incentives through company car tax to encourage the purchase and development of ultra-low emission vehicles, while ensuring that all company cars are subject to a fair level of taxation. The Government will continue to seek the views of car manufacturers and motoring group ahead of Budget 2013.”

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