15 January 2024

New Government Legislation will encourage EV adoption in 2024

The Government has brought new legislation into force to encourage the growth of EV sales and charging infrastructure. Known as the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate, it means that manufacturers are now required to produce a set number of these vehicles each year.

For 2024, this will mean that 5% of passenger cars, and 10% of vans sold by any manufacturer in the UK will need to be electric. This number will rise annually, meaning that by 2030 70% of new cars and 80% of new vans will have to be electric, and 100% of both will need to be so by 2035.

Manufacturers that do not meet these targets will be issued with fines, which will form an incentive for brands to encourage consumers into these vehicles, and there is speculation as to whether or not this will result in discounts being applied to new models in the years to come.

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