13 February 2015

Driving licence counterpart to be abolished from 8th June 2015

The DVLA has recently announced that the driving licence paper counterpart will be abolished as of the 8th June 2015, following a 6-month delay from the initial planned date of 1st January.

This will be introduced simultaneously with an online service to assist in checking the validity of employees’ driving licences, as discussed in our article here.

Whilst the DVLA are declaring that their new ‘Share My Driving Licence’ database will be free of charge, this will be for an individual’s basic information only. To have sight of a full set of information for multiple drivers, fleet managers will need to adopt an alternative method of licence checking which will come at a charge.

We believe that the new DVLA service will not live up to the multi-layered, multi-licence management service that is currently delivered by Activa, together with our partners at AA Drivetech. For further information on our Accident & Risk Management products, please speak to one of our team of experts on 01908 288400.